The Mid-Columbia CSTA Chapter is establishing a Job Shadow for Teachers Program. Participating teachers engage with local industry partners for a day as a way to develop deeper insights in what actually happens in the field of STEM.
Funds are currently available to support a substitute for participating teachers when needed. To access this benefit members must inform the chapter vice-president (Josh Bee) and request that their HR team submit an invoice for reimbursement.
Participating teacher may select someone they already know who is working in the field or they can request to be paired with a volunteer from local industry.
To participate, please send the following information to
  1. Participating teacher information:
    • Name
    • Grade level
    • Interests
    • School
  1. Preferred format for job shadow experience:
    • Would you like to be assigned someone in the field for a one on one experience? If yes what subject would you be interested in?
    • Would you prefer a tour based experience with other interested teachers?